There is currently no one global hub for the impact investment industry. Impact Guernsey is convinced that Guernsey is perfectly placed to grow and lead this asset class. A recent research report by the City of London, highlighted the six critical ingredients to any jurisdiction seeking to become a centre for impact investment:


From our viewpoint, we have much of what we already need. Guernsey Offers a mature financial services sector with a historic track record in facilitating cross-border investments. We offer a well-regulated, compliant and trusted jurisdiction with world class expertise in banking, private wealth, investment and insurance, which gives investors confidence in making investments via Guernsey. Support of the Government is actively encouraging further development of the impact investment industry and most importantly, there are passionate and knowledgeable people and local organisations on the ground that are able to assist with impact investment projects.

Given that impact investment can be considered an alternative asset class, Guernsey need not implement wholesale changes to become a global hub but rather could harness and re-focus its existing assets, infrastructure and financial sector expertise and pivot its messaging to enable the island to develop itself into a jurisdiction of choice for the impact investment industry.

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