In this article, the Guardian talks about the single biggest way to reduce our impact on the earth, which is according to the scientists behind the mentioned comprehensive analysis on the damaging effects of farming, that we ought to avoid eating meat and dairy products. James Colquhoun created a video on the topic:

It’s crazy how ignorant we have all become. Peter Singer, the writer of the book Animal Liberation, wrote about how we treat animals and the reasons why. He points out the hypocrisy in the way we think about animals. People oppose wearing fur, but at the same time see no problem with leather. We say we love animals –kittens and puppies — while eating a ham sandwich.

Some of this is how we are raised. Today we are so separated from our food many do not associate it with its source. Meat comes in white styrofoam packaging with pads underneath to absorb any excess blood, and we tend to forget or ignore how the meat gets into the packaging. We think of “happy cows” on a farm, of farmers hand milking cows and of animals living long happy lives grazing in fields. Image and reality are clearly severely imbalanced.

Not to worry, there is no need to become vegan overnight, but I’d suggest we all moderate our meat and dairy consumption. Here are some ideas for quick vegan meals to implement in your routine:

Unless you want all animals to die out.

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