Such a special moment. On this day I realize how important having a kingdom is to many of us, Dutch people. Today our Queen Beatrix retired on her 75th and made place for her eldest son Willem-Alexander, who today is crowned as the new King of The Netherlands. The special fact of today was that his wife, Maxima, who is from Argentina and very loved by the Dutch people, was not going to continue as princess, but was also to be crowned as Queen. A lovely couple who I trust to make a fresh difference in Holland. How beautiful is this?!:[youtube][/youtube]

1001004008486399I finished reading a fascinating book about Queen Beatrix, “Dwars door alle weerstand heen” written by Jutta Chorus. Im convinced Beatrix was a very capable and dedicated Queen and I recommend reading this book if you have an interest in reading about the Dutch Royal Family.

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