Do good with your Money

Donate Effectively

GiveWell and Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) are the first organisations to thoroughly research charities to look for those with the largest positive impact per Euro. GiveWell and ACE research charities concerned with poverty reduction and animal welfare, respectively. The international effective altruism movement does not limit itself to these cause areas whilst striving to do the most good.

First, watch the video of Will MacAskill, writer of “Doing Good Better”, and learn about the pressing moral problems of our time and how to solve them.

Givewell is a nonprofit that conducts in-depth research to determine how much good a given program accomplishes (e.g. lives improved) per dollar spent. GiveWell is dedicated to identifying outstanding giving opportunities and publishing the full details of their analysis to help donors decide where to give. On April 4, 2018, Elie delivered the lecture below called, “Making Donor Dollars Count: GiveWell’s Approach to Selecting Charities.” Elie shared examples of GiveWell’s top charities, such as the Deworm the World Initiative and GiveDirectly, to illustrate how GiveWell’s selection criteria are applied. He also discussed the strengths and weaknesses of their approach and plans for their future.

Another good place to start looking for the best charities is this article by 80000 hours: What’s the best charity to donate to?

Invest your Money in Social Enterprises and Impact Funds

Neither the markets nor aid alone can solve the problems of poverty. More than two billion people around the world lack access to basic goods and services—from clean water and electricity to an education and the freedom to participate in the economy. Impact Investing can change that, giving every human being the same opportunity. It gives you a third way that seeks to bridge the gap between the efficiency and scale of market-based approaches and the social impact of pure philanthropy.

Organisations like Acumen can help you invest in regions and sectors with the greatest need and the greatest opportunity.