Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 19.06.40While moving out of my flat in Barcelona I experienced many thoughts and feelings. Of course first of all it feels good to move on to the next adventure. However, Barcelona felt like home, it still does. I guess it becomes a mental thing when you move into your first home, YOUR home, only you. You do with it what you want, and you prohibit anything that you don’t want. It is hard to leave that behind.

My pain was relieved by the idea that I could be selling most of my personal belongings for a good cause – Challenges Worldwide. Through the sales of my belongings, which I was once so attached to, I started to realise that those were really just things. Things that exchange for money, which in turn can be used for much more valuable causes. I became a greedy person. I was asking money for every single item, just to raise more money. It is a funny thought to be greedy for charity. However, it is just really quite effective. The biggest donation which was made straight to my justgiving page, came from Mimi (who took over my fridge) thank you Mimi!

Eventually I ended up giving stuff away to people who really made a difference to me (mentally) over the weekend. Jennifer, for example, who is a wonderful person from Hong Kong and who took over a lot of my things, brought me coffee and chocolate treats, just when I most needed it. If she would not have insisted on donating money, I would have given her all my belongings for free. 

When going through changes in your life (even if to others it does not seem like such a big thing at all) you realise who is there and who isnt. Family, friends. I received big hugs, had good company and delicious wine, tapas and other treats brought to me while fundraising. People who I did not expect to be generous or helpful at all – for example the ones I did not already personally knew – behaved like I had known them for years! Chris and his girlfriend – the ones who adopted my sofa and who I did not know at all – brought some wine and crisps to share. We had a great time and they just made my day so happy! My conclusion is that moving goes together with fundraising, and that wine is delicious. Thanks everyone for your kind donations!

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