Hours after our arrival at Entebbe Airport, Challenges Worldwide had arranged to drop Donia and I off at our new home. For convenience, the four Team Leaders were to share a home, and so we were well aware and so happy that we were about to meet the two In-Country Team leaders. We were welcomed by the home owner Sham (who also happens to run a bar/restaurant called ‘Terracotta” at the property), IMG_1370Project Coordinator Marcel, and Eddie & Aubry, our Ugandan counterpart. Musula Mutya! [how are you all?]. Bulungi [good], Webaale [thank you].

Photo left to right: Donia, Aubry and Eddie.

Both Marcel and Eddie had worked with Challenges Worldwide before, as volunteers, whereas Aubry immediately went for the Team Leader position, so brave. I have to admit I felt a bit strange arriving without luggage. I felt like I needed a shower and get into some clean clothes,  but as there was no running water, that was not an option anyway. Luckily I had with me a clean pair of underwear and an extra ICS – Challenges Worldwide T-shirt. What else do you need?! Well…. I have to admit that I was VERY happy when my luggage arrived the next day evening.

I am also happy to share that I have learned to wash my hair with water from a jerry-can, but I am also rather pleased  that the water system is working now.

Below you can find some photos of our new home for the coming 3 months. It is a convenient and rather smart looking unit. Cannot believe I may call this home.  En Suula Bulungi! [Good night!].

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