Nakhi native music is thousands of years old, and is presently being kept alive by Xuan Ke, the president of Dayan Naxi Ancient Music Association. He was born in 1930 and is of the Tibet-Nakhi nationality. I attended one of his orchestra performances which consists of 24 Naxi people playing Naxi music that has almost been lost in China. They performed pieces from the Han, Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasties, played on original instruments. Most such instruments did not survive the cultural revolution. However, several of them hid their’s by burying them. I saw the “Chinese gong chimes”, the “Quxiang pipa”  and the “Huqin” which are all more than 200 years old. The “huqin”looks like a bamboo version of the “Erhu”. Sugudu” is another rare instrument in China that was played in this orchestra. It looks like an ancient guitar.
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