As an entrepreneur and business consultant I have spent some exciting years in Europe, Asia and Africa. I’ve been using this domain to take notes over the last decade, and whereas some of them are not publicly available, feel free to have a look at any notes that appear accessible to you.

Building on an MA in International Relations and World History, I have been pursuing a career with positive social and environmental impact. I started to work in Africa on DFID development projects and landed in the Impact Investment field. I eventually found my calling in creating or enhancing sustainable impact in businesses by improving business and communications strategies and by setting up partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals. In terms of impact screening I go beyond ESG assessments and look at true impact, I align aspirations and objectives with the SDGs and advise on how capital could help address some of the world’s most pressing challenges such as climate change, job creation, food security, and financial inclusion in developing markets and fragile contexts. #impactinvesting #impinv #Socialfinance #MENA #Refugee #SVC #environment #sustainable #SocEnt.

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