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After having visited a few other places in China, I arrived at the campus of the University of Nottingham in Ningbo. Their campus is beautiful, and the view from the balcony is absolutely stunning. During the introduction week I immediately noticed that we were not in Europe. The local China Telecom store has a monopoly on campus and in order to be able to use the internet in your room you must buy one of their phones and send them a message with it every day in order to receive a new password. Even more shocking, our library and email correspondence is closely monitored by a member of the Party. The registration does not run very smooth, but the fact that this is the first international campus on Chinese territory, makes the complications more acceptable.

After trying out all of the offered modules I decide to follow the following modules this semester:

Core Concepts of International Relations,
International Political Economy,
Welfare States.

Next to the taught modules there are plenty of lectures of guest speakers and research lectures which make my time here worthwhile. I was hoping to find more associations I can join (as there were about 70 of them announced before coming here), but most of the associations, even the UN model that I was very excited about is hosted in Chinese. Unfortunately my Chinese language skills are not yet that advanced, so I decide to join the Taekwondo association.

What I most love about this campus is the Chinese atmosphere, the delicious Chinese food and the many nationalities of the students on my course (about 10 of them). Also I am very excited to start playing Tennis and other sports like squash and badminton. The sports facilities look quite promising.

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