If I would have known that (even when taking the SONY DSCfunicular) you have to walk that many stairs, I might have considered not doing it, no, just kidding. Be aware though, if you are a budget traveler, its costs quite a bit to get there. You will have to pay for the bus, the scenic spot, the funicular, the food and the hostel (if you decide to spend the night up there, very recommendable).

SONY DSCLotus mountain consists of five peaks: East – Center – South – West – North. From one to the other it’s quite a walk, but no worries, the views of this bald mountain will make it worth every step. I took the funicular to the North peak and then walked via the center- to the East peak, then stayed in a hostel on top of the East peak. The beds had no mattress and there was no heating, but there is strong Chinese alcohol to keep you warm, of course. The next morning I got what I came for: the beautiful sunrise, no words. It is without any doubt one of the most beautiful spots I have visited in China. After sunrise I walked back via the South- and West peak.

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