These couple of days we have used to acclimatise a bit, to learn about the programme and to visit some of the Host Homes and Businesses that we will be working with. This took us to some incredible parts of Kampala. I love how varied, lively and green this city is.  And busy!


Topica we discussed with our fellow In-Country Team Leaders included slums IMG_1467and the elections. I wil soon write a blog post on both. It is really nice to have a Ugandan Counterpart, it is great that we can just ask them anything. Even after a few days I feel like I have known them for months!

Our biggest challenge was to match the volunteers with their Host-Homes and Businesses. We pinned the locations on a map and wrote all the names of the Businesses and Volunteers on pieces of paper so that we could move them around and pin them all to a Yoga mat, where else? On the photo on the right you can see us in action. 

While working on this, there was an Easter celebration next door. I really enjoyed the singing, so when I got the chance I sneaked out and filmed some of it.

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