Labels such as “tried and tested on cooked animals” of the tasty Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce, are often misinterpret. In this example it is used as a slogan, but in other cases labels are – even though they comply with the regulations – misleading and therefore many of us are encouraging the use of animal cruelty, often without being aware of it.

tumblr_mv80pgC2Lo1rn8sfso1_1280This post I am simply writing to encourage people to change their lifestyle a tiny bit in order to decrease animal cruelty. Ive noticed that more and more people around me are becoming vegetarians, which already helps decreasing enormously. For all the ones – like myself –  that have decided not to miss out on a roasted duck with cranberry sauce, and decided that meat and fish should be part of your diet, there are still various other ways to help decrease animal cruelty.

Apart from restricting your meat consumption to only/mostly “happy meat”, you could consider buying cosmetics that are not animal tested. I realized how many people have no idea what “Dermatologically Tested” actually means. Literally it means “tested on skin”, but it tells you nothing about how the tests are done, or on who’s or what’s skin it was tested on. Besides that it doesn’t even mean that they passed the test! Different companies have different definitions and therefore a ‘dermatologically tested’ claim on one product may mean something completely different to the same claim on another product.

In the EU, if ybunnies(1)ou look to go cruelty free, look for the leaping bunny! There is an iPhone application called “Cruelty-Free” that can help you with your cruelty free shopping.

The Body Shop is an example of a firm that produces products without the use of animal testing. Although its parent company since 2006 – L’Oreal – is not approved under the Humane Cosmetics Standard, The Body Shop itself is passionately against animal testing, and are often campaigning against it. Recently more than 1 million ‘The Body Shop’ customers and ‘Cruelty Free’ International supporters from around the world signed their pledge calling for a global ban on animal testing in cosmetics.

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