Published 2015 (1st ed. 1990)

Finally I got the 3rd revised edition in my hands! The Search for modern China is a readable, grand sweeping history of China in the modern era (i.e., post 1500 CE), covering economics, politics, military events, society and arts, backed by many useful maps, and selections of drawings, prints, and photographs. Some readers might be frustrated by the dozens of ‘pinyin’ names to keep track of. however, the patterns and trends that emerged from this book, as well as the sense of China’s journey as a nation is fascinating. Count me a fan of Spence’s level of detail. Reading this is helpful for understanding the backdrop for what you will find in China today – and what you won’t. It is amusing that Deng Xiaopeng, the founder of modern Chinese state capitalism, modestly hoped for a 2% growth rate until the year 2050, with the aim of making China a moderately developed nation.

This edition continues after the events of Tiananmen Square. A lot has happened since then. I cannot wait to read this last chapter!

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