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Everyone must have read or heard about it, or even seen some of it on TV or in some magazine, the Terracotta Army – located in Xi’an (西安). Before going there I actually heard so much about it, and thought it would be such a big tourist attraction that I wanted to avoid going there. Am I happy I didn’t!

The Terracotta Army was discovered recently, in 1974 when a local farmer was digging a well. This means that archaeologists are still working on discoveries and renovations today. It got buried in 210 BC together with the first emperor of the Qin dynasty, and the thousands of life-size figures all have unique faces, hair and armor styles appropriate to their rank. Seriously, when you walk into the biggest hall, it is quite overwhelming as there are so many of them and it actually smells like dust and oldness. A must see on your visit to China.

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Photography by Karin Schouwenburg.

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