Today, thousands of our fellow human beings have been forced to leave their homes to escape violence. They leave behind education, jobs and most importantly, their family. When will they ever see them again? The European Commission recently estimated a number of almost 60 million displaced people around the world. As of World Refugee Day, they made a joint statement in which they announced:

“… Europe will not turn a blind eye. Nor can we when many of these displaced persons are seeking out safe haven on European shores. …”

CARE International – one of the world’s leading humanitarian and development organisations – is involved in Carehelping refugees in various parts of the world. For example, CARE has been part of helping appr. 58.000 refugees in northern Nigeria since August 2014. Their teams distribute food, household supplies and cash grants to vulnerable people. They provide water and organise transport. It is a positive thought that organisations like CARE go ahead and actually do something.

Refugees need help, not only should they be welcomed somewhere with open arms, they should be supported until they feel strong enough to stand on their own feet. It is for this reason that I decided to trot the IMG_0836streets of St Petersport [Guernsey] with a tray of homemade Dutch Arretjes cake.

Today – on World Refugee Day – The Guernsey locals have proven to be remarkably giving and I am grateful for their generosity. Guernsey provided CARE International with an extra £162,92 pounds [appr. €235 euro’s]. I hope that I was able to create awareness of the issues concerning refugees and to encourage people to keep CARE International in mind for future donations. CARE helps, so we should help CARE → donations they receive to their Life2Live campaign before the 6th July will be doubled by the UK government!

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Bill Bryson visited various projects of CARE in Kenya and wrote a few words on their behalf in his book “African Diary“. I  am not only recommending you to buy this book because it is an amusing read, but because the profit of this publication will go straight to CARE International. In Bill Bryson’s words:

“… in acquiring this slender volume you don’t actually buy a book. You make a generous donation to a worthy cause and get a free book in return, which isn’t quite the same thing.”


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