Today I organized a camping and hiking tourIMG_0177 to Xiaoxihu. The idea was to go camping next to the lake. The only thing that was quite surprising was the scenery, I had not expected it to be so breathtaking! The great wall went straight into the lake at two spots, like a dragon. While we enjoyed the view over the lake with a beautiful sunset, we put up our tents right next to the water and heated up two barbeque’s to grill some lamp kebabs. Music, drinks and a healthy mix of Chinese and Foreigners, it was just perfect. SONY DSCThe next morning a stunning sunrise woke me up at 6h, so I decided to get up and take some pictures before everyone got up. After breakfast we packed and left for a hike in the nearby mountains, enjoying parts of the Great Wall we hadn’t seen yet. It keeps impressing me…

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